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Every child in their strength

Every child in their strength

Opening Child Center Diamant Mariahoeve

  • Unique concept without classrooms
  • Agreement for joint management of De Horst Park
  • Opening with school orchestra the Residents, which has been practicing with the Residentie Orchestra for years
  • Snacks and drinks by Diamant College students

Joint fairytale becomes reality

On September 28, Diamant Onderwijs & Kinderopvang was festively opened in Mariahoeve. After a project of at least 10 years, the new building has been completed: unique without classrooms, but with open learning areas. This also includes the new name Diamant.

(Former) primary school de Vuurvlinder, Childcare 2Samen, JongLeren toddler learning places and the Diamantcollege made the joint fairytale come true. The story of the small school, with too few students, that grew into Diamant with more than 250 children from more than 45 countries. In strong collaboration with all partners. Finally we have our beautiful palace with Park de Horst as the palace garden. We are happy to take responsibility for that garden, also together with the neighborhood and the Tuinen van Mariahoeve. An agreement was signed for this purpose.

As befits a palace, there was a trumpet blast at the opening, accompanied by many other instruments from the unique school orchestra The Residents. There were also luxurious snacks, homemade and served by students from Het Diamant College, with which Diamant Onderwijs & Kinderopvang works closely. Even the buildings are literally connected. Director Rob Rosier (primary education) is also closing his glorious career after the creation of the Diamond: “But our rough Diamond will continue to develop. The fairy tale will therefore have many chapters, which a new director may read aloud later. And the children? They learned happily ever after!”