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Every child in their strength

Every child in their strength

Child in power

What makes Diamant's education special?

Our school's mission is to empower every child. Our slogan is: 'Child in Power'.
Or if we see it in a broader perspective: 'Man in power'.

People who stand in their strength:

  • enjoy themselves, in their work, in their live
  • are energetic and creative
  • see possibilities and opportunities
  • have a contagious and connecting effect on their environment
  • can move mountains.

This principle applies not only to the students, but also to all other people involved with the school and the student, young or old.
We shape this by working together based on our qualities.

We are:

  • Dedicated and involved
  • Open and accessible
  • Innovative, creative and idealistic
  • Active and flexible
  • Specialized in (second) language education