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Every child in their strength

Every child in their strength

For children aged 4 - 13 years

Our school (formerly De Vuurvlinder) has moved to Diamanthorst 181-A with effect from the 2023-2024 school year. To a beautiful new building where she continues under the name Diamant. Together with partners from 2Samen (formerly 2Vlinders) and Jongleren (formerly 't Vlindertje), we will form child center Diamant, a center for education & childcare.

All children are welcome at our school. We think it is important that they feel safe and secure. We give children time to get used to a new school, new city, new country.

Our mission is to empower every child. We want the children at our school to develop into empowered, responsible and involved citizens in a changing society.

We specialize in language education for non-Dutch speaking children. Children who come to our school for various reasons to learn the Dutch language. After a year, these students move on to the regular groups, which means we have many levels in one group. That's why we work in domains instead of traditional classes. There are several teachers and support staff present here, so that students can receive lessons in the various subjects at their own level. The new building is fully equipped for this.

In addition to the regular program, our school has an extended learning period. During this time we provide workshops in which we stimulate the curiosity of children and challenge them to become acquainted with a variety of socially relevant topics.

Our primary school is one of the four primary schools in the Mariahoeve district (part of Haagse Hout) in the north of The Hague. The school currently has approximately 280 students. Including part-timers and specialist teachers, our team consists of approximately 45 teachers and educational assistants with a varied age structure.