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Every child in their strength

Every child in their strength

Diamant Education & Childcare in Mariahoeve

Welcome to Diamant, a unique and international child center in The Hague. In our beautiful new building in Mariahoeve, children from more than 50 different countries and cultures meet every day to learn, play and discover with great pleasure. Diamant offers education, a daycare center, after-school care and a toddler learning place.

Preschool education (VE)

As of 2024, our childcare (2Diamanten) will offer a group of preschool education. Here we pay extra attention to the development of children with a Ve-indication.

Opening Child Center Diamant Mariahoeve

On September 28, Diamant Onderwijs & Kinderopvang was festively opened in Mariahoeve. After a project of at least 10 years, the new building has been completed: unique without classrooms ...

Fundraising campaign for Turkey and Syria

Friday, March 10 was the last day of the fundraising campaign for Turkey and Syria. The deposit bottles were brought to the supermarket by students from domain 3, under the supervision of Master Ab and Master Carlo ...

Come and meet us at the primary school first

We believe in the power of the child itself

We are not an ordinary school; we are an adventure